Go Hilton Team Member Travel Program

The program is called Go Hilton Team Member Travel discount, and Hilton offers one of the discount programs in the industry for Team Members

Could all Hilton Hotel employees enjoy the discount offered by the Hilton Hotel? Fortunately, there is one Hilton internal program. Hilton has a great staff discount plan. The program is called Go Hilton Team Member Travel discount, and Hilton offers one of the best discount programs in the industry for ‘Team Members’ and Hilton employees Familie and Friends. This is an excellent Hilton hotel benefit. Let’s learn about it through this post.

Go Hilton Team Member Travel Program
Go Hilton Team Member Travel Program

The Hilton Hotel specially provides this Hilton Hotel program for employees. To qualify for this program, you must be a member of Hilton’s current team, a current employee, a full-time, part-time, seasonal employee, or a member of the owner’s club.

Hilton Team Member Travel Program

There are have several levels below, which can be selected according to different preferential policies. Go Hilton Team Member Travel Program to offer a substantial discount on fixed rates to Hilton’s team members. Hilton’s employees can refer to it as follows:

  • $35 for Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, Home2 Suites, and Tru by Hilton
  • $45 for Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, and Tapestry
  • $55 for Curio, Canopy, and Hilton Grand Vacations
  • $75 for Waldorf Astoria and Conrad

What is the best group holiday plan for Hilton Hotel? The ‘Go Hilton’ Team Member Travel Program is an excellent way to book group holidays because you can book up to four discounted rooms per stay. What a great benefit! I wish I could enjoy the discount plan for the ‘Go Hilton’ program if I were a Hilton employee.

According to Hilton’s policy, team members can book a maximum of two team member rate rooms and two Family and Friends rate rooms, with a maximum of four per stay. These rooms can be booked for seven consecutive nights. It’s great.

You can use ‘Go Hilton’ Team Member Travel Program rates to book up to 30 nights per year and Family and Friends rates to book up to 70 nights per year for a total of 100 nights per year. Seeing this, do you feel saving lots of money and want to book and travel immediately?

Hilton Family And Friends Rate

Let’s not be so excited, and let’s see what we need to prepare to have this discount plan. To get the price of Hilton Family and Friends great discount, you must have an active Hilton Honor account and get the team manager’s approval. You need to provide your name and Hilton Honor number precisely as they appear on your account. Otherwise, approval will not be passed. Before you travel, you must get the manager’s permission in advance in the Hilton Honor system. Don’t forget.

If family and friends do not have a Hilton Honors account yet, they can sign up at HiltonHonors.com/join. After you have been added to the team member, you will book Family & Friends rates on the Go Hilton booking site.

Hilton Team Member Food And Beverage Discount

When using this discount, it is directly related to the room price and provides a 50% discount for food and beverage for team members. But before you buy that 50% discount on food and drink, there’s a small caveat to check.

It only applies to restaurants at the same management level as the hotel, so before you mention booking dinner, you should carefully check and make sure that the discount of this food and drink is relatively different according to different countries and regions. Specifically, the processing prices of food raw materials in other countries and areas are different. Moreover, this only applies if you stay at the hotel at the rate of team members.

Elite Benefits With The Go Hilton Rate

Another feature of the Hilton Team Member Travel program is that they respect elite status and honor points. What’s that? You can also get a good upgrade and earn a lot of issues with your discount rate!

TMTP Terms And Conditions

Team Members using the Go Hilton Travel Programs are bound to these Terms and Conditions and the Hilton Code of Conduct. They are expected to embody the Hilton Values and uphold the exceptional reputation of Hilton during every stay at our hotels. Team Members will be held accountable for any undue duress placed on the hosting property. Behavior inconsistent with Program Rules and the Hilton Values may result in loss of Go Hilton privileges and disciplinary action, up to and including termination. In addition, Team Members’ approved Family & Friends who use the Family & Friends rates reflect the Team Member. Any inappropriate behavior or Program Rules violations by Family & Friends may also result in loss of Go Hilton privileges for both the Team Member and the family/friend.

Access to Go Hilton discounts may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered, purchased, or otherwise transferred. Any Go Hilton discounts obtained in this manner will be considered to have been fraudulently obtained and deemed void.

Team Members must NOT make Team Member or Family & Friends rate reservations for the location they regularly work, including “Extra” rates. Approved Family & Friends may have Family & Friends rate reservations at any place they would like, including where their connected Team Member works.


The above are the terms provided by the official website of Hilton Hotel. Please take a moment to read them carefully. I hope you have both a happy holiday and a very cheap senior living Hilton Hotel. What are you waiting for? Book your travel destination and Hilton Hotel in advance and use Go Hilton Team Member Travel Program.

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