This is Why HILTON is the #1 Resort in Playa Del Carmen

Hamilton Playa Del Carmen – the number one most popular hotel in the entire area. Of all of the fun and fantastic hotels in Playa Del Carmen, this Hilton is number one.

Alright, Hamilton Playa Del Carmen – the number one most popular hotel in the entire area. Of all of the fun and fantastic hotels in Playa Del Carmen, this Hilton is number one. I guess it kind of sense. Holly is a good hotel brand. It is adults only and its location is pretty perfect. Let's check it out. This is Holly Playa Del Carmen. Hamilton Playa Del Carmen is also the recipient of the AAA4 Diamond Award, which recognizes premium quality, cleanliness and experience.

The lobby showcases all of those things plus some style and luxury for added measure. In case you were questioning Hamilton's number one status, the black marble flooring, multi-level design and grand octagonal dome instantly squash any of that doubt. All of it crescendos into the most stunning part of the resort are the two-story waterfall that transitions guests from indoor luxury to tropical paradise. Holly Playa Del Carmen. Alright, Is this a holton? Well, it didn't used to be, which explained the unique style and enhanced luxury throughout the property.


The Junior Suite

This room is simply amazing, but there's actually nothing simple about it. The arched doors, timber ceilings, ultra hip furniture and cool accent lighting give this room both a classy and contemporary feel. The bathroom has a dual vanity with LED mirrors andrecessed lighting, and the water closet also hosts the shower, which is a great setup if you're traveling with friends or colleagues. The main room has a wonderful open layout. I can't believe this junior suite is the lowest room here. As I stand in the center of the room, I look around and I have a menu of options to choose from. I can take a nap on the great bed, watch something on the big and beautiful TV, read a book on the stylish couch, or get some work done over at the table. But after I think about it, I just jump in the hot tub. It's too convenient and hard to ignore, with its central location and super cool backdrop, and after that I head out to the balcony, set up the hammock and take a nap.

Hilton Platte Del Carmen – Pool Time

Right, it's pool time, but on my way down there, I want to stroll through my favorite part of the property, the courtyard. The two-story waterfall empties into the decorative pool below with sculptures overlooking the beautiful green landscape. This beautiful area is the perfect gouge from buildings to beach. The view is amazing. Relative to the size of the property. The main pool at Hilton Platte del Carmen was nicely size, and that's a good thing, because it seemed everyone staying in the hotel was at the pool this weekend. Its design had various cutouts and coves, making it perfect for guests looking for a more scenic or private pool experience. If this was the only pool, I'd be more than happy, but it wasn't. There was another pool closer to the beach.

Hilton Jersey Center Hotel Review

A bridge divided this pool into two areas: a social area and a relaxing area. Of course, I chose the social area with a swim-up bar. Peoplefloat in and out all day, making for a great opportunity to be social. After a few hours there, I stopped by the Jersey Center for a late lunch. The hamburgers were fresh andgrilled right in front of me. The baked buns and cheese were little touches that made it so delicious. Hilton markets Maria Petrona as an authentic Mexican restaurant and for an all inclusive hotel. It was actually quite genuine.

The design, color choices, artwork and lighting were emblematic of a traditional Mexican restaurant. The menu had some legitimacy. Also, it featured preparations you will own with your own hands. I selected steak for my entree and it arrived at my table, sizzling for a skirt steak. It was quite flavorful. Then morning I woke and went to the breakfast buffet. Now, for the record, and before you report me to Eater's Anonymous, I wasn't really hungry, but this is my only chance to check it out. initially, I thought it was undersized, but I didn't know what to do.

I Was Just A Little Confusion

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The beach at Hilton Playa do Carmen is a swift reminder that not all Riviera Maya beaches are equal in beauty. Compared to the beaches in Playa Car, the Hilton beach was narrow and it lack tropical lushness. Privacy and tranquility was even more lacking because beaches are public domain, everyone has access to them. And because this property is prime estate in the heart of downtown Playa do Carmen, it's a favorite hotspot for local beachgoers. It was a bustling and noisy experience, even though there was a reserve lounging area dedicated for Hilton guests. It felt like a busy day at a public beach. The exclusivity, solitude, and peace I found at the Playa Car beaches was sorely missed.

Hilton Playa Do Carmen Review

So I have big plans for tonight, and dinner is questionable at the moment. So after the beach, I went to Barefoot Grill for a late lunch. Barefoot grill is located at the courtyard entrance and focuses mostly on healthy foods like wraps, salads and bowls. I asked for a custom poke bowl with high protein and low carbs, and they said yes instantly. It was ultra fresh and restaurant quality. The most memorable aspect of the foot experience was the dining area. It was a isolated jungle section right behind the restaurant that nobody else seemed to notice or appreciate. It was the serenity I was looking for all-day music. This is it.

This is the big reason why people stay at Hilton Playa do Carmen: It's location. There aren't a lot of great hotels downtown, Playa do Carmen, especially for luxury hotels. Hilton Playa Do Carmen is footsteps away from the famed Fifth Ave, which has seemingly unlimited options for shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment and services. The main stretch is about two miles long and is extremely safe and walkable at anytime of day or night. My evening started at Playa Do Carmen Mall with a little shopping. It's vibe perfectly matched the city. It was quaint, beautiful, and had tropical vibes. After that I was off to Porfirio's for a quick cocktail. No dinner here tonight, as I'm planning on eating later.

Next was Senior Frogs, which usually isn't my style, but it's arite passage here in Playa do Carmen. It's the place you have to go at least once. And finally, after that, I went to a pop-up musical performance at the park. This area is just amazing and I can't wait to return. I much prefer this over Cancun. So I rushed back to the hotel for the entertainment show and what I saw gave me severe trauma. It was Karaoke. Since when is Karaoke Entertainment? To make matters worse, I also forewent my dinner reservation to see the show.

So now I'm disappointed and hungry. But the coffee shop is still open, so I went in there. I really like when these coffee shops are open early and late because they could be lifesavings. I grabbed a sandwich for the road which was enough to tide me over until room service came. I ordered a double cheeseburger, but I think something was lost in translation, and surprisingly, the steak was available late into the evening, so I had to try it for a room service steak. It was amazing. So just how good is Hilton Playa Do Carmen? Well, it's better than good. It's great, but it isn't without flaws.

The crowded beach is a major cause for concern, and although the hotel has multiple pools, restaurants and options, it felt like a weekend hotel. I couldn't imagine being here for more than a couple days. Plus, the nightlife was basically nonexistent. That might be intentional, as Fifth Ave is just steps away, but those looking to stay on property and use the value and purpose of an inclusive will be disappointed with afterdinner options. But the positives far outweigh the negatives. The location is real. I would consider staying here and just using it as a regular hotel. The pools were fantastic, as well. They had everything, size, and location, and multiple food and drink options.

And finally, luxury. This is one of the most elegant and polished Hilton's I've ever seen. It feels much more like a conrad than it does a Hilton. Overall, I rate the property a 3. It's a great resort, and I can clearly see why it's the most popular choice in Playa do Carmen. Its location and sophistication for the price is uncommon for a two- or three-day trip to Playa do Carmen. This Hilton is the spot.

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